We would like to invite you to join us in remembering beloved babies through our virtual Sands Garden event.

You can register your interest here and we will send you more details in advance of the event.

Each year we come together at the Sands Garden at the National Memorial Arboretum to remember and look forward. As we are unable to do so in person this year, we will be uniting online to share readings, music and images that help us remember our loved ones and support each other through this difficult time.

You will be able to watch the event live on the Sands Youtube Channel so do subscribe to this today.

Since this year we are not able to gather at the National Memorial Arboretum to place memorial stones by the Sands statue, we are collecting photos of people remembering their babies at home to create a slideshow to accompany the online event.

Please send us photos of you and what you are doing to remember your babies at home, so that we can create a slideshow for our online Garden Day 2020. You can have an indoor or outdoor picnic, share photos of something you did with your family in honour of your babies or simply a picture or special item that you value and hold on to.

We hope this will help everyone feel connected through our shared experience and wish to remember the babies we love, until we can all meet again at the Sands Garden for remembrance and reflection during what may (hopefully) be a return to a more familiar way of functioning next year.

Please submit your photo(s) here.

By submitting your photos you agree that we can use them for the event and may retain them on file according to data protection guidance.

Sands Garden Day rainbow

Free colouring sheets for children

Finally, we've created some free colouring sheets for children that they can use during the event, or any time, which you can download and print.