Endorsements from leading professionals who reviewed our one-day workshop; Pregnancy Loss and the Death of a Baby; Sands Training for midwives

‘I would thoroughly recommend the day for midwives and other professionals involved in maternity and neonatal care.  The training has a clear aim and appropriate, achievable learning outcomes. The day uses a wide variety of approaches to ensure that the day is lively and interactive, including film, sound recordings and group work and offers professionals with a valuable opportunity to practice sensitive communication skills. I feel that the content and approach of the day will be of great value for maternity care professionals in all four countries of the UK in improving the care that we provide to parents when they are bereaved.’  

Dr Mary Ross-Davie, Consultant Midwife and Education Projects Manager (Midwifery and Reproductive Health) for NHS Education for Scotland

‘Bereavement care is often the area that midwives feel less confident in. Luckily most staff don't encounter it on a regular basis and there is a great fear that they will do and say the wrong thing. This course would be very beneficial to staff working in all areas of maternity to give them the confidence to work with these families. It contains relevant up-to-date information and also allows time for discussion and personal experience. Sands provides a safe, supportive environment to allow all these areas to be explored.’

Jane Laking, Bereavement Support Midwife, Whittington Hospital, London

Feedback from Participants

"A very interesting and engaging workshop which has impacted on my knowledge and will most definitely influence further practice as I progress in my midwifery career"

"It was great. I have been to another bereavement study day before but did not feel well equipped afterwards in contrast this study day was fantastic. Thank you"

"The trainer was excellent. The exercises were relevant & helped us achieve our aims - feeling more confident in supporting families with baby loss. The trainer was v. knowledgeable in best practice in baby loss support. She made everyone feel at ease"

"Very valuable course, highly recommended. I will take a lot away from this and have more confidence to step forward to try to make a positive difference to families suffering loss"

"Thank you  for a very informative course. It will help my practice to develop, even after 15 years of experience"

"I thought this course was one of (if not) the best training day I have ever attended. Was full of all completely useful information. Interesting, & best practice recommendations excellent. Welcoming, emotional, nice venue, couldn't recommend enough. I have no bereavement experience however I feel like I have the tools & skills now to try and care for these families"

"This is one of the few courses that I will come away from actually feeling that the objectives were met. I feel that I will have more confident when the situation arises and that I could be more helpful to couples in the future"

"Before attending, I did not particularly feel that this was a subject of my role that particularly interested me but now I feel inspired to develop my practice and improve"

"Today's training was exceptionally valuable and something I will carry with me throughout my career"