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The Fundraising Team, Sands | 29 January 2018

Check out the rest of our #challenge15 hall of fame for challenge inspiration, fundraising tips, and to find out how #TeamSands will be completing their challenges! 

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Name: Mike Garside (centre in photo)

Why are you taking part in #challenge15? I’m taking part in Challenge 15 to help Sands’ in their vision to reduce the loss of babies’ lives, and also to challenge myself.

What are you doing to complete your #challenge15? I’m going to cycle 15 miles on a static bike at Sands’ London office alongside some of my colleagues. I also went on a 15 mile walk around London with colleagues, visiting 15 famous landmarks in the wind and rain!

What are your top tips for fundraising? Start early with your online donation page, and also with your preparations if it’s a tough challenge. Share photos with your friends and family of your preparations and progress, and eventually your success!

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