London Marathon Blog Post
London Marathon Blog Post, | 16 April 2019

I'm James from Mildenhall in Suffolk.

On the 13th February 2011 my family’s lives changed forever when our son Kian was stillborn. My wife had noticed that he had stopped moving and kicking, so we went to the hospital where they confirmed he had passed away.

The next day I stood helpless while my wife gave birth to our beautiful son.

I will never forget that day when the doctor had told me he had died, the disbelief, shock and grief that came over me hit me and my wife for the days, weeks and years that followed.

We had recently just bought a new Moses basket for him, never did I think a few days later I would be organising my son's funeral instead.

In the years that have followed we have slowly rebuilt our lives, and have been fortunate enough to have a 4th child, Kiah who is now 4.

To channel my focus and energy into something positive I started getting back into fitness after slacking off from having a young family. Most recently getting into running, and competing in obstacle course races to challenge myself both mentally and physically. My latest challenge is to run the London marathon, whilst doing something positive and raising money for the Stillbirth and Neonatel Death Society (Sands).


My biggest challenge has been fitting in the time for training!

I'm most looking forward to soaking up the experience as it's my 1st marathon. I am really looking forward to the atmosphere and sharing the experience with my wife Katie and my family who are also coming down to support on the day.

I'm aiming to raise £900, I am currently as just over £700 so nearly there!

I was hoping between 4:15- 4:30 but I picked up an injury which has greatly reduced my running, my goal now is just to finish and more importantly know that I am raising funds for a very good cause, and in memory of our son Kian.

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