There are many ways that businesses large and small can help support our work and they can often benefit your business too. 

If you think your company might support us you could consider the following:

Financial gifts whether cash donations or donations via shares, investments or securities, are vital to our existence and are often subject to tax relief through approved schemes.

Gifts in kind such as products, services and professional advice can help free up our time and resources and some gifts make great prizes for further fundraising initiatives. In turn, they allow your business to showcase its assets and skills and fulfill its corporate social responsibility goals.

Staff fundraising – you could make us your Charity of the Year and encourage staff to fundraise on our behalf. Our fundraising team can help you with ideas and resources and it can be a great way of team building.

If you have a member of staff who has experienced the loss of a baby, you may want to encourage some sort of staff fundraising activity to demonstrate your support but please speak to them first to check they are happy with your plans.

If your company can help in any way, please call 0845 6520 448 or email:,  we would love to hear from you.

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