On the darkest of nights,  the stars shine brightest.  

Walk 6km with us this winter for a loved one who shines brightly forever in your heart. Like starlight itself,  the love for our babies is endless,  and together we will walk through the darkness and find the light.  


Walk a Starlight  Walk  on your own or with a loved one.  Stroll through the countryside, march through the town or simply let your feet lead the way as you walk 6km for Sands with your lantern,  shining a light of hope for all those bereaved families in need of support.  


Everyone who signs up to take part will receive 2 lantern bags, candles and remembrance cards to write your loved one’s name on.  Decorate your lanterns with messages of love and carry them with you for every step of your walk underneath the stars, before keeping it as a lasting memory of your walk. 

With every step you take, you’re showing the world how much every baby is loved. And with every pound you raise, you’re helping us create a legacy of hope and comfort for every bereaved family.  


How do I take part?  

  1. Sign up for Starlight Walk by registering here. We’ll send you a pack which will include a  2 remembrance cards, candles and lanterns* to decorate once you’re registered.                                                                                                                       
  2. Decide whether you want to walk alone or with a loved one. Walk 6k in one go, or across a weekend or as a team.                                                                                                                    
  3. Collect sponsorship in memory of your loved ones and help Sands be there, now and in the future, for bereaved families.                                                                                                                      
  4.  Share photos of your lanterns  and your walk with us by using the hashtag #SandsStarlightWalk  

When planning your walk please make sure to adhere to government guidance and any national or local lockdowns to stay safe.  If you're unsure, do chat to our team at fundraising@sands.org.uk 

Let the warmth and light from your lantern guide others towards the support Sands can offer and sign up today.   


*The lanterns are manufactured from rice or copy paper of different grades (g/m2), reusable, 100% biodegradable and totally compostable. You might choose to keep yours in a memory box or as a keepsake, or to compost it. We discourage the use of floating lanterns for this event.

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