With 13 babies dying every day in the UK, it's likely that at least one family in your school will have personally been affected - probably even more.

Help us break the silence around baby loss by opening up the conversation and getting your school fundraising for Sands.

Superstar Step Challenge

This March, we are inviting all children to come on a very special mission with Sands on our Superstar Step Challenge. 


Children can participate by stepping or wheeling towards their target (we're suggesting 5,000 or 10,000 steps in a single day), collecting sponsorship and then tracking their steps on the day as they shoot for the stars. 

On the 20th July 1969, the world watched in wonder as Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, declaring the moment, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!” 

Going to the Moon and back was a journey full of challenges and at Sands, we support many families who know what it means to face such a journey. 

We’re inviting children, schools and nurseries to take a giant leap with us to help ensure everyone affected by baby loss isn’t alone in the darkness on this journey. 

With every small step made, they’ll be helping Sands take a giant leap to reach more families in need of our support, and support research to save babies’ lives. 

Sign up by clicking here.

Why should we help?

Sadly, every year in the UK, an estimated 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, and over 4,500 babies are stillborn or die within the first 4 weeks of life. Sands is a charity supporting research to lower this number, training healthcare professionals to provide better maternity and bereavement care, campaigning for changes to policy, and, when the very worst does happen, ensuring there is support for anyone affected by this most tragic of loss. 

As part of the invaluable work Sands do, we are currently developing a suite of resources for children grieving the loss of a sibling following baby or pregnancy loss, to improve their mental health outcomes, and to help all children understand baby loss.

Our first release of resources for bereaved siblings are available here.

And more resources for schools and pupils are on the way soon, so that all pupils, some of whom are likely, given how common baby loss is, to have experienced this loss, or sadly will in the future, have the language and understanding to process their feelings and support their peers. 

Sands needs your support to ensure they can continue this work. 

How should I talk about Sands and baby loss?

It can be hard to know the right thing to say when talking about baby loss to younger people.

You also might find that it brings up emotions or grief within yourself that can feel difficult to manage.

We have some advice that might be helpful here.

Our trained bereavement support team on our helpline are here to help, whether you need advice on how to talk about Sands and our work to younger children, or need to reach out for support yourself. You can reach them by emailing helpline@sands.org.uk or calling 0808 164 3332.

You might also want to know how to support a colleague who has experienced losing a baby. You can sign your staff team up for our Bereavement in the Workplace training here.

What help can you provide?

Whether you need banners and balloons, guidance on what to say about Sands in your school assembly or help turning your idea into a reality, our friendly fundraising team are here to chat.

Get in touch by completing this form here or drop us an email to fundraising@sands.org.uk

In the meantime, you can download some resources that might be helpful here:

Sponsorship form

Other ways to get your school involved

Whether you're a parent, teacher or student, you can get your school involved. By choosing to support Sands, you can make sure we are here for bereaved families so that no one has to go through losing a baby alone.

If the ideas above don't work for your school, there’s so many other things you could do to raise funds, so whether you fancy planning one of our tried and tested events below or using your imagination and coming up with something totally unique, we will support you every step of the way.

Get in touch and complete this form here or drop us an email to fundraising@sands.org.uk

Bake for Sands

Raise some dough by organising a bake sale in the playground. We’ve got everything you knead to make it a success, from posters, menus and invites to edible cake toppers.


Challenge 13

Make your fundraising meaningful and take part in Challenge 13. Come up with your own challenge linked to number 13. You could do 134 minutes of sponsored exercise each day; create artwork of the number 13 and display it in a gallery and sell tickets to parents; give each class £13 and ask them to grow it as much as possible in one week … the possibilities are endless.


Christmas fundraising

Whether you have a collection at the door of the nativity or carol concert, a stall at the Christmas fair or get everyone to don their Christmas jumpers for the day, there’s lots of opportunities to fundraise at the most wonderful time of the year!


My Marathon My Way

There’s few things as memorable as running a marathon but little legs might not be up for it all in one go! Take on 26.2 miles with your class your own way. You could do it in one day and add up everyone’s distance until you get to 26.2 miles, or you could aim for everyone to run the full distance over a term.


Ready to get going? Let us know by completing this form here or drop us an email to fundraising@sands.org.uk

Baby Loss Awareness Week 2021

2021's Baby Loss Awareness Week has now come to a close, but be sure to check back ahead of next year to find out how your school can show its support.

During this year’s Baby Loss Awareness Week, you can help us raise awareness and funds to ensure that siblings who have lost a brother or sister get the support they need and deserve.  

Between 9th-15th October, your school can standwith Sands to break the silence around baby loss. You can show anyone in your school and community that losing their baby isn't something they have to face alone, and help fund our sibling support package. 

Our theme this year is Wellbeing, and we want to invite your school community to join us in recognising the importance of looking after yourself. Each day of the week covers a different topic. We’re discussing how to look after siblings on Tuesday 12th: be sure to join the conversation online: #BLAW2021

Ribbon Run 

Ribbon Run takes place during BLAW. You can pick the distance and pupils can run or walk all in one go or across the week, wearing their ribbon pins.  

Download a letter to take to your school here to ask them to take part in Ribbon Run. 

If you are a teacher, you can sign up and request your free Ribbon Run pack, containing sponsor forms, certificates, ribbon pins and helpful guidance, here


Go Pink and Blue 

Every year, thousands of family homes and famous landmarks light up pink and blue in support of Baby Loss Awareness Week. Join them by decorating your school pink and blue. You can order tissue paper packs to stick in the windows or get crafty with your pupils and see what ideas they have. 

We’re also inviting you to host a Wear Pink and Blue day. Pupils can come dressed wearing pink and/or blue and make a £1 donation. If you want to sell our bespoke pin badges for this day, we can also send you a box and collection tin. 

Download a letter to take to your school here to ask them to take part in Go Pink and Blue.

If you're a teacher, order your free Go Pink and Blue pack with everything you might need here. 


Starlight Walk 2021

Starlight Walk 2021 has now come to a close, but be sure to check back ahead of next year to find out how your school can show its support.


 This winter, you can help us raise awareness and funds to ensure that the children in your school who have lost a brother or sister get the support they need and deserve.  

Hold your own Starlight Walk at school and let the light from your lanterns shine a beacon of hope for the bereaved families in your school community, letting them know they aren’t alone. By doing so, you’ll be helping fund our sibling support package. 

Your school can choose when and how to host their Starlight Walk. Some of our favourite ideas are below: 

  • Invite parents and walk around the village or town one afternoon 
  • Walk laps around the school field 
  • Walk around a local park, lake, castle or nature reserve 

If you're a parent or someone with a connection to a local school, register here and we'll email you a letter you can use to invite them to take part.

If you work in a school, you can register for your free Starlight Walk pack here, which includes lanterns for pupils to decorate with drawings and messages for their loved ones, LED tealights, certificates and sponsor forms.

Pupils are asked to collect sponsorship to help bereaved families get the support they need and deserve, but even if they’re not able to, they are still welcomed for their amazing efforts in raising awareness of baby loss. 

Get your school involved today.


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