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Are you ready to run 60 miles this August? 

Leave your limits behind you this August! Run 60 miles between August 1st and August 31st and show your support for families who've lost a baby.

Sands want to ensure that everyone affected by the loss of a baby gets the support they need and deserve when facing the toughest of times.  We want to campaign for change and support research so that fewer babies die and so that fewer families experience the pain of losing a baby. 

Whether you run, jog or even walk to reach your 60 mile target, every step you take will help ensure no one faces the loss of a baby alone. Together we can continue to do all that we can to stop families from experiencing this devastating tragedy. 

Sign up by joining the Facebook group: 

Run 60 Miles in August Challenge
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Welcome to the Sands 60 Mile Run Challenge! 🎉 Thank you for committing to 60 miles this month and for helping us raise funds that will improve the care bereaved parents receive 💛 Fundraise for Sands by creating a Facebook fundraiser to receive a medal! 🥇



Join our Strava Group to track your runs 👇   

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group of friends hiking together


Download these resources to help you on your way:

Sponsorship form

Tracker (coming soon)


You may have questions about the challenge. If you need to speak to a member of our team, you can email – but we’re quite busy to it may take us a couple of days to get back to you. In the meantime, you can read our FAQs below.


How do I sign up?

To sign up to the challenge, join the Run 60 Miles in August  group by joining the Run 60 Miles Facebook Group

Once you’re in the group, you can register for your FREE t-shirt and set up your fundraiser through the messenger challenge campion. You will recieve  tips, be inspired and find out anything you want to know about the challenge! 

I don't have Facebook but want to take part. What do I do?

No problem! Simply fill out the registration form here.

We will send you a fundraising pack and t-shirt and you can set up an online fundraiser on Justgiving.

I have signed up. Now what?

Once you’re in the Facebook group, you can use the messenger challenge companion to register for your t-shirt, set up your fundraiser, get tips, be inspired and find out anything you want to know about the challenge! 

How do I raise money?

Facebook Fundraisers are the easiest way to raise money. You can set one up in a few seconds here: . And then it's really easy to share the page with your Facebook friends. 

What is a Facebook fundraiser?

As well as fundraising offline, you can now hold a fundraiser on Facebook.  It’s simple to set up and very easy for friends and family to donate to it without having to leave Facebook.

Set up your Facebook fundraiser by clicking here.

Make sure you’ve selected Sands as your charity and don’t forget to add Run 60 Miles in August to your Fundraising page title so we can easily find you!

Can I raise money on another platform like Justgiving?

Yes, if you would like. Facebook sends the money directly to us and doesn’t charge you or us any fees, but if you would like to set up a fundraising page on another online platform, we recommend Justgiving. Just be sure to let us know this is what you’re doing by emailing

Is there an entry fee?

There is no entry fee for this challenge. We do however ask you to fundraise as part of your challenge - partly to cover the cost of your pack. Facebook Fundraisers are the easiest way to raise money. You can set one up in a few seconds here. And then it’s really easy to share the page with your Facebook friends.

Can I raise money offline with a sponsorship form?

We recommend Facebook Fundraisers for this challenge as they’re easy and hassle-free, but if you’d like a sponsorship form, then you can download one here.

How do I get a free t-shirt?

We'll send you a t-shirt once you register using the messenger challenge companion in the Facebook group.

My t-shirt doesn't fit. Can I change it?

Of course. Please email to let us know what size you received, and what size you need. We'll then send a new t-shirt with an envelope to return the other.

Can I do the challenge with a partner? Or as a team?

You can absolutely complete the challenge as a team, but you’ll have to track activity individually in Messenger and create your own personal fundraisers.

My family want to do the challenge with me. Can they get a t-shirt?

That's brilliant! If they're fundraising too, simply ask them to register using messenger in the Facebook group and we will send them fundraising packs and t-shirts.

If they're not fundraising as just taking on the challenge with you, we ask that you purchase t-shirts from the Sands shop here.

How do I track my miles?

Strava, RunKeeper and MapMyRun are all great apps for keeping track of your challenge. Once you’re home, use the messenger challenge companion to log your miles. 

You can join our Strava team here.

Do remember to log your miles on the messager challenge companion. 

How do I log miles?

You can track your miles in Messenger by typing "Menu" then enter, and click on "Record miles" and enter the number of miles you achieved that day! Be sure to only enter digits when prompted and not words (e.g. "3" or "15").

Do we log our miles daily or weekly?

You can log run as many times as you like - multiple times a day or once a week - as long as you are keeping up to date with your numbers!

Do I have to run the distance or can I walk?

 It’s up to you! If you want to complete your miles a different way, then go for it! Just be sure to post your progress and updates on your Facebook Fundraiser so friends and family can cheer you on and we can see how you’re doing too! 

What if I don't complete the challenge?

The only thing that matters is that you challenge yourself. Do as much as you can. Every step helps. 

Can I start the challenge early or late?

Of course! So long as your complete 60 miles in 31 days, it doesn’t matter if you start early, late or need to miss a day in August.

Where will my friends and family's money go?

Directly to us at Sands. You don't have to worry about this. It happens automatically through Facebook. 



How can my friend who doesn't have Facebook sponsor me?

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn't allow you to donate to a fundraiser if you don't have an account. We suggest asking your friend send you the money, and then you can donate on their behalf on Facebook.

Someone I know accidentally donated to my Facebook fundraiser. Can they get a refund

Unfortunately we can’t issue refunds - Facebook must do this. People can request a refund themselves from Facebook by following the below steps:

Send them this link:

Select — I donated to a fundraiser on Facebook

Select — I want a refund for my donation(s)

Select — I made a donation by accident. Find their donation in the dropdown and request the refund.

Do I have to prove I have completed the challenge?

You don’t need to prove you’ve completed the distance – we trust you! You can post videos, pictures and updates on your Facebook Fundraiser and in the group though, so we can see and congratulate you on your progress. Sharing updates is also a great way to show those who have sponsored you that you’re committed to completing the challenge.

How do I send in my sponsorship form?

If you’ve collected cash donations and have a completed sponsorship form, do scan and email this to us at so we claim any gift aid. If you’re not able to scan or send us a clear photograph, drop us an email anyway and we can let you know where to send your form via post.

How do I pay in my fundraising?

If you’ve collected offline fundraising, the easiest way to pay this to Sands is by donating it to your Facebook Fundraiser. If you don't have one set up, you can donate on our website. You can do this here.

Make sure to say that your money is for your Run 60 miles in August challenge so that we can make sure it is added to your total.

If you’re not able to donate this way, then drop us an email to and we can discuss other ways of getting the donation to us.

Can donations be made by cheque?

Yes, this is possible. You can address the cheque to Sands and send to:

CAN Mezzanine, 49-51 East Road, London, N1 6AH.

Please make sure it's clear who the donation is for by including your name and Run 60 Miles in August on the reverse of the cheque.

Will I get a medal?

All those who raise funds for Sands will receive a medal to mark your amazing accomplishment.

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