Starlight Walk

On the darkest of nights, the stars shine brightest.  

Will you join us in a Starlight Walk this Winter. Walk  6k with loved ones  in memory of those who shine brightly forever in your heart. Like starlight itself,  love is endless, and together we will walk through the darkness and look to find the light. 

This year you can take part in Starlight Walk in two ways. 


Join our Starlight Walk Edinburgh

This year we are launching our first flagship walk in the community. Join us in Holyrood Park, Edinburgh on Saturday 20th November 2021

For more information and to sign up click here

Starlight Walk logo

Take part in your own Starlight Walk

Do your own Starlight Walk whenever and wherever suits you. Walk 6km on your own or with loved ones.

For more information and to sign up click here.

Once signed up to Starlight Walk you will receive your registration pack. This will include your lantern, candle and walking in memory card. 

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