We reflect the experiences parents tell us about in our work to reduce baby deaths. Personal stories are powerful in changing attitudes.

We have asked views on:

  • the complaints system in England
  • maternity care in Wales
  • minimally Invasive Autopsy as an alternative to traditional post mortem
  • maternity care in England
  • parents’ priorities for research topics
  • parents views about hospital reviews of their and their baby’s care
  • experiences of health care during the COVID19 pandemic 

National Surveys

In 2019 we surveyed parents about  maternity, neonatal and post natal care across the UK. The summary report of  the survey is here.

In 2014 The Listening to Parents Report below came about as a result of lobbying by Sands to survey bereaved parents, who are omitted from national maternity surveys.

Listening to parents report

Listening to Parents Report


The National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit (NPEU) has published Listening to parents. This is the first national survey of bereaved parents’...

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