This was just another normal pregnancy everything was fine I had the smallest bleed and went into hospital I had a scan, everything seemed fine, some routine checks all ok but they decided to keep me in overnight.. during the night my waters broke, my life literally fell apart in that moment and I gave birth to my sleeping angel the following day 13th July 2017.

Although at 17 weeks they call it a late miscarriage to me he was born too. He is my perfect little boy 10 fingers 10 toes and a cute button nose. I didn't get any answers or anything to blame it on.

It just happened out of nowhere so that was hard to understand, I used to constantly question myself and blame myself but we've got over that hurdle.

We talk of him often, I take his photo with me on holidays, blow kisses to heaven and I feel him with me every day; butterflies, robins, feathers all bring me so much joy.

We have our rainbow baby now and I feel he was sent by our angel, we named him Riley Oliver this makes me feel our angel Oliver is with us every second of every day.

Day 1: I couldn't imagine how I'd go on. The room span as I tried to go outside for fresh air. It will be 2 years in July and the pain is still the same. I have my weak moments but you do learn how to cope and breathe again. With family around us plus our other 2 children at the time, we got through the sadness together and we all do our bit to keep Oliver's light shining bright.

I found my pregnancy after our loss very tough, we had lots more milestones to reach on the way, but the cloud lifted slightly and we ended up with a full term, happy, healthy, 8lb 6 baby

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