I woke up on 24th April 2019 just like any normal morning it was 6:30am I turned 39 weeks on this day and remember phoning my mum to tell her I would be getting the sweep that day and I also mentioned how much Hannah was moving that morning. I then said goodbye to her and carried on with my morning getting my kids ready for school when I felt a gush, It was around 7am I went to the bathroom to check what it was and I saw bright red blood so I quickly grabbed my phone and rang the hospital explaining and she told me to change my pad and pack and bag and head up so I did this and as I changed the pad I started pouring out with blood and then I really panicked!

I got to hospital as quick as I could and when I arrived we waited too long in the waiting room to be seen! They took me through to a room to check her heartbeat but the midwife kept losing the heart beat she tried for 20 mins or so all during this time people are coming to try put Canulas in before they decided to scan. Once they took me to scan room we were looking at the screen and we could only just see a flicker of her heartbeat it was so slow by this point, they then told me I was being put to sleep for an emergency c section. Hannah was born at 9:08am and when I woke around two hours later they told me how sick my baby was and that her brain had little to no activity, I didn’t want to believe this so I tried my hardest to stay hopeful!

On the morning of the 25th Hannah’s consultant came to tell me there was nothing more that could be done for Hannah and that she would die. My heart was broken into a million pieces and I just felt numb!! This couldn’t be real?

We gathered all the family together and spent a good few hours with Hannah that day before they switched off her machines and she sadly but peacefully passed away at 15:54 on 25th April 2019 in my arms!

I miss my baby girl so much and wish I could understand why this happened to me but maybe it’s something I will never have answered!

Love you forever Hannah 💔

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